Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sleeping Siblings

My kids are 6 and 9.  Although they each have their own very cozy and comfortable beds, they always want to sleep with each other.  I know in the back of my mind there will come a day very soon when they won't do that anymore, so I cherish the sweetness of it now.  Some nights, they want me to lay down with them, and I cherish that time too.  Tonight, I stayed up doing some things after they had gone to bed.  Then, I went up to check on them, and Alex was still tossing and turning awake.  When she saw me looking in, of course, I had to then lay down with her.  Snuggled in my arms, she drifted off to sleep.  I've had quite a few things on my mind, so I prayed and then thoughts and concerns started drifting through my mind until the sweet sound of my children's breathing caught my attention.  Then, I just looked at them in awe and started thinking about what a blessing it is to have such healthy, beautiful children.  All of a sudden, those thoughts and concerns that just minutes before had seemed so important no longer mattered.  I feel like God was there with me in the quiet of the night reminding me to put things in perspective.  Thank you, God, for that still small voice.

One of my favorite pictures of the kids sleeping.

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