Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mexico Beach 2014

I just realized I never published last year's vacation.  I don't do well at posting regularly to my blog!  Oh, is my blog and I will post as much or as little as I want :)
From last July:

We wanted to try a new beach location this year...something more low key (not too commercialized) and geared toward relaxing. After hearing about Mexico Beach from a friend, we did a little research and thought it might fit the bill. We found a cottage on VRBO and booked our week away. VRBO listing 424964.

Fri 18 - 
Lexington, Pelham

We left home around 3pm to drive about half way to split up the trip. We stopped at Dreamland in Birmingham for some finger licking good ribs. I had been checking the forecast for Mexico Beach and it was looking rather dismal. It had rained on us most of the way. I was already praying for a change. I had been looking forward to sunny beach time for so long. We stopped for the night at a Comfort Suites in Pelham AL in time for the kids to swim for a little while.

Sat 19 - 
Pelham, Mexico Beach

We were back on the road and didn't stop until lunch in Dothan Al at the Cactus Flower Cafe and then we went to Best Buy to get a Bose speaker to play our music on beach. Coming into Mexico Beach was different than what we were used to. It was nothing but pines for miles and then all of a sudden we were in this nice little beach town...our home for the week. We were very pleased with our cottage choice. Great location and the cottage was clean and loved the decor.

It was overcast and the forecast was still looking like rain all week. We walked down to the beach. The sand always feels so good on my feet. I love it! The water was very rough but the kids wanted to get swimsuits on so we let them get in for a little bit.

We needed a few other groceries and things so we went into Port St Joe to the super Dollar General and then ate at Joe Mama's Pizza.

Sun 20 - 
Mexico Beach

We woke up to steady rain, and I was feeling bummed! I kept telling myself to be positive and just enjoy the family time. We also noticed that our food was not staying very cold in fridge and freezer stuff was not real frozen. We let the owners know we were having an issue. They sent someone to measure for a new fridge. Since it was raining we decided to try to play Risk. It was pretty involved...requiring more thinking and strategizing than we wanted to do on vacation so we quit and played Yahtzee.

By afternoon it stopped raining and we went went to the beach. It was so rough and windy though. I couldn't help feeling disappointed...I was so praying for a change in weather

After that, we went to Mango Marley's. I got bacon wrapped shrimp that was delicious! The service was terrible though.

Mon 21 - 
Mexico Beach

Monday morning it was still cloudy and overcast. But we had a great day. We went for a walk together. Then, We grilled burgers out back and played corn hole. The kids played in the sand.

 Later that afternoon, we went to the shell shack and got some shrimp and fish dip. Noah got a skim board.

We came back and boiled our shrimp and had another meal out back. Then we went down to beach and Noah struggled with the skim board for a while. We then saw a beautiful sunset over the pier.

New fridge was delivered too! Things were looking up.

Tue 22 - 
Mexico Beach, Port Saint Joe

Woke up to....SUNSHINE AND BLUE SKIES. we were on beach by 8:30. Had a great beach day! Then went to Port Saint Joe Fl for our shark fishing trip. Chad caught 2 sharks and Noah two fish. I was just proud of my accomplishment of baiting my own hook. It was so gross!!!

Then we stopped at beach Pizza and were surprised when Alex spotted a big black bear digging in the trash can!!!

Wed 23 - 
Mexico Beach

Beachin' All Day!!! We stayed on beach all day. Noah got really good at the skim board. Alex and Noah each found a friend their age to play with. We came in and ate lasagna and then walked to Tommy T's for some blue bell ice cream. We played pool and other games in the arcade. Then we went crabbing. Much fun! I was wore out though

Thu 24 - 
Mexico Beach

We went out and enjoyed another beautiful day at the beach today. Then we had beach portraits done at the Mexico Beach pier. Afterwards, we had dinner at Toucan's. It had a great gulf view and beach play area. Noah and I see sawed and then he played tag with Chad. Good times!

Fri 25 - 
Mexico Beach, Panama City Beach

We slept in this morning. I was already thinking how sad it was that vacation was coming to an end. Chad and the kids did not want to go back out to he beach so we decided to get ready to go into Panama City Beach. We ate lunch at Hooter's and then played mini golf at Pirate Golf. Later, we met Alex's friend and her family for dinner at Pineapple Willy's. Then we went back to cottage and started packing up...sniff sniff.

Sat 26 - 
Mexico Beach, Florence

We said our goodbyes to the beach and cottage and were on road by 7. We decided to extend our vacation one more night with reservations at the Marriott Shoals Resort so we could enjoy some pool time...we did not have a pool at our cottage.

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