Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Milk Day

"What's 'milk day' and why are we out of school for it?"  That's what Noah asked when he looked at his school calendar and saw "No School MLK Day."  We had a good laugh.  He has since been told about Martin Luther King Jr. and about the significant role he played in our nation's history.  I just thought that little funny was worth sharing!

January is turning out to be a very busy month.  This is mostly due to my second job as renovation planner/designer/purchaser for Chad's new office.  His Dad's retirement presented the perfect timing and opportunity to realize his dream as we are transforming the dental office into a law office.  The contractors' work is underway, and I am really anxious to get to the part I really enjoy…the decorating!!!

We did get a little break from all the work this weekend while attending the TN Bar Association Leadership Conference.  Two nights at The Hermitage Hotel in Downtown Nashville was a real treat!  The hospitality was truly remarkable, and the hotel was fabulous.

Chad snapped a picture of me enjoying my hot apple cider in the lobby.

The agenda:

Friday night - dinner and live music at BB King's

Saturday night - dinner at the TN Sports Hall of Fame and hockey (Predators won 4-2)

We had fun both nights hanging out and sharing laughs with the other couples we met.

During the day, I rejuvenated while Chad attended his meetings.  Then, we shopped for lights for the office.  I found just what I was looking for at the Hermitage Lighting Gallery.

Although we enjoyed our little getaway, we were ready to get back home to the kids.

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  1. Looks like you had a great trip to Nashville! I am so happy y'all's dream is starting to take shape!!! You better blog about the whole process. It will be really neat for you guys to step back when it is all over and see where you started with the new office.