Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Out With The Old...In With The New

Oh my, I sure have some catching up to do.  It got kind of crazy around here getting ready for Christmas. Then, I enjoyed some much needed time off work with the family.  I'm gonna back up a few weeks before moving into the New Year.  One of my reasons for doing this blog is so that I can later print and keep it as sort of a journal/scrapbook.  So, I want to post the pictures from when I finished decorating for Christmas.  I hope I forget how long it took to put up all these trees and all the trouble I had with lights or I may only have one little tree next year!

A few weekends before Christmas, I went to see Lady Antebellum with Mom and Josh.  The Saturday before, Chad told me we were going boot shopping for part of my Christmas.  So, I now own my first ever pair of cowgirl boots.  I guess I'm sort of picky, because we ended up driving all the way to Cowboy Corner in Southhaven, MS!  But, alas, I had happy feet ready to go to the concert!

A few other highlights from December:

The Christmas parade...

School Christmas parties...

And Santa came (even though I was sure Noah was on the naughty list)...

Of course, with Grandparents like these kids have, who needs Santa?  XBox, American Girl, Northface, Cowboy boots, clothes...geez!  Can we say spoiled?  I sure think so!

We rang in the New Year by putting away Christmas decorations and playing XBox with the kids.  We are such party animals!

We cooked the traditional New Year's "Good Luck" meal and had an overnight visit from Nanny & Papaw.  They had also dropped in to fix us dinner a few nights before, which was quite a treat!  They had lots of help in the kitchen though.

Then, it was back to work.

I want to thank God for all the wonderful blessings on this family in 2011.

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  1. Such sweet family memories! I know your kids loved having you off and at home with them. Those boots are awesome!!