Friday, November 25, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

As busy and hectic as this time of year can be, I must say that I do enjoy all that it brings. 

First, we love to go to the Holiday Mart.  Alex and I had a great time shopping with Mom and Aunt Shirley.  Alex was a smart shopper and really stretched her $13 budget :)  She got an exquisite new ring ;)

She also bought a friendship bracelet and cowgirl boots for her American Girl dolls to share.  Here she is posing for a picture as we wrapped up our shopping for the day.

I love our Thanksgiving meals with our families...


Thanksgiving has passed (although we have one more dinner to go) and now we look forward to the Christmas season.  Alex and Noah have been practicing for the church Christmas program for weeks now, and they are so excited about the big night.

I've been working on Christmas decorations a little each day this week.  Here are the bedroom trees.  I will post the living room and dining room trees when finished.

I've been longing  for the colored lights of my childhood, so I put these by the front door...
I had to take a break from the decorating to do some Black Friday shopping with Mom today.  I got a few names checked off the list, but I still have many more to go.  I also couldn't resist a little gift for myself today when I found out about Pandora's limited edition Black Friday charm.  It's very pretty!

I think Alex wants a little pity.  She saw I was posting and asked if I had told about her dental work.  Bless her heart...she had 2 teeth pulled and a bumper put in the day before Thanksgiving! 

Noah didn't make these pictures because, well, as the shirt he is wearing says "A Bad Day Hunting with Dad Beats a Good Day Shopping with Mom."  Although, when Alex came home with so much "girly" stuff the other day, he did ask me when we were going to do some boy shopping.  I'm pretty sure I can satisfy him with one trip to Game Stop.

Next up, one more Thanksgiving get together, Breakfast with Santa, and then a Sunday Christmas lunch with my college girlfriends.  So excited!

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  1. Your family is just precious and so is THAT HOUSE! Please come decorate mine for me. I'll make you cookies!!! I miss you already.